school days, but not as we know them

It’s a long time since I left school, but I’m no stranger to lectures and seminars, MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and lifelong learning groups. I’m curious and sociable; although not a joiner of many things, I’m finding it hard to resist the allure of  courses I can do at home without having to get washed first.



This morning, the School for Health and Care Radicals started. Over 1800 people have signed up, and there are many ways to participate. Some were involved in a web seminar, I followed by phone conference, slides and chatted on Twitter. The live broadcast will be available on line later, there will be a twitter chat, there are learning materials to download for each module if we choose. It’s on Facebook and Pinterest and there’s a facilitated phone conversation coming up. Participants are encouraged to form and join learning groups, and we can opt in for a Randomised Coffee Trial. This is a model of truly ‘open’ learning- free, worldwide, students opting in to whatever modules, challenge or support they choose.

The energy in the space this morning was extraordinary. While preaching the importance of connections, #SHCR was facilitating those connections, in what could probably be called ‘real time’.

One of the key discussions was about the difference between being a rebel and a troublemaker. A continuum perhaps, but which is more likely to achieve their aims? We all know the draining affect some people have- how do we deal with that?


We also considered working in the ziggy zaggy world between the dominant approach and emergent thinking, and the need to build self efficacy.


so she did


You’ll know that I loved the ‘institutionalised serendipity’ of the Randomised Coffee Trial, but that wasn’t my favourite thing. Really, you wonder… what could beat that?

It could only be the comment that the best way to stay as rebel is to out-love everybody else. Excellent! That chimes so well with relentlessly pleasant that it must work.


I’m going to be even more annoying.




6 thoughts on “school days, but not as we know them

    1. Thanks Christine- glad to be of use! I was buzzing when the session was over, and this helped me process some of that. There are great ideas and insights. I’ve downloaded the slides as well to go back to 🙂

  1. Ha! Love that last quote!

    I am a little disturbed, however, that ‘making sense by rational argument’ is classed as dominant. That I don’t understand at all.

  2. What a radical idea! Out-love others. That’s an amazing perspective one doesn’t often hear! Your course sounds powerful and it is going to incite change, that’s for sure. You’re on a roll! A good one!

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