observations and learning from this week

One is never too old to be laid flat by the common cold.

Rubbish things happen to those we know and love.

Homework works well when it’s teamwork.

The TV recording box knows exactly the programme you’re most looking forward to watching, and fails to record it.

I may be addicted to Wolf Hall
I may be addicted to Wolf Hall


Just because I put things in the diary doesn’t mean I recognise that I have to turn up in that place at that time.

There are too many dancing competitions (6 days in 3 weeks- guess what fool signed up for that? See point above.)

Our little blind bundle looks cute under the table, but if I move the chairs, he has no idea how to get out.

The magic conference elves are at it again.

I’m becoming a healthcare geek- I was all excited to see that this week’s study guide is available.

Most amazing of all- it is possible to 3D print food. Food, people. That really seems like wizardry. One possible application is that pureed food can be somehow constructed to look like its pre-pureed state via a printer. It could look tasty and appetising rather than, well, brown gloop. How incredible is that? (With luck, it is also edible.)


One thought on “observations and learning from this week

  1. Well it’s comforting to know, from your observations of the week, that perhaps life as it is, am normal just like you.

    Not to diminish from all the trials, but I have been wondering how ‘Wee Jock look-a-like was doing’. On the upside, he’s got you and yours to fend for him. We all need someone to fend for us.

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