in which I am spoiled

There may be no way back. All those ‘perfectly good’, ‘quite nice’, ‘exactly what you need’ places are dead to me now. I’ve had a taste of the high life, and I’d like to become accustomed to it.

While it snowed outside we sat by roaring fires. When the sun came out we wondered at the beauty of the lough, yards from where we sat. The staff were knowledgeable and friendly and had nothing else they needed to be doing other than attending to our every whim.

The swimming pool smelled of aromatherapy, not chlorine. I never wanted to leave the spacious bedroom. I could talk at some length about the bathroom. I struggled to leave the bed, even more than I normally do. And it wasn’t just me- at breakfast all the conference crowd were agog at the pillows, the comfort and the scrambled eggs. Dear goodness, the bacon…

Ah yes, the reason for all this was our conference. The Lough Erne Resort Hotel had made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, and I’m so very glad. I had several reasons for staying over the night before, but I was too relaxed and cosy to remember that I was meant to be checking out the room and the AV and all the logistics.

The snow caused some chaos, but we got through. Local delegates got pounced on to read the message from the Health Minister or to fill in for a stranded speaker. There were many sofas for chatting and connecting and doing all the vital, informal stuff that makes events so valuable.

I have never been involved in a more relaxed event. I may still be mellow and chilled out.

Now I have to start saving up to go back.


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