40 shades of spring

We had our first overnight in the caravan at the weekend. We cleaned and sorted and tried to remember what lived where, ah sure it’ll do rightly where it is now. There was exploring in the forest, investigating on the beaches and wondering if  we needed a fancy new TV. (Sadly, no.) It was wonderful to be there, away from the city and the everyday. We are remote- no handy pub, or walkable to shop. No internet. Although we are on a caravan site, it feels like there are just the five of us, the odd sheep and some rabbits. It is calming just to look out at fields and bog. Down the hill, in any direction, we find beaches. I love me a beach.

Across the country, battered crocuses are giving way to triumphant daffodils. We have made it through another winter. Technically it may have been spring for 6 weeks, but it never feels like the season has turned properly until the middle of March. The greening, the brighter evenings, and the fresher air all lift our spirits and give us reason to celebrate.

This afternoon I’m off to join the girls as they dance in the parish hall, as part of the celebrations of the green, St Patrick and all things Irish. There will be stew and ballad singing, face paint and chaos. I enjoy the thought of it, but the reality will drive me mad. A crowded hall and hundreds of excited children- what’s to like?

I’m wearing a little green. My foot will tap to the music. I’ll be delighted to see people and I’ll chat and laugh. My girls will do their thing and I’ll beam. I’m celebrating the green, the good drying weather, and the community.

A special St Patrick’s singalong treat…

And because I can’t resist, again…

Beannachtaí na féile Pádraig oraibh
(St. Patrick’s Day blessing upon you- copied from HH, any mistakes are hers 😉 )


6 thoughts on “40 shades of spring

  1. In all likelihood this is probably not the place to say this, but I forgot what day it was, then someone mentioned it in passing. Sorry am boring in many ways.

    It is nice to know someone is experiencing spring, somewhere. We are in meltdown mode. Still below freezing at night, above in daytime. The maritime provinces, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland received 50 to 90cm of snow on the weekend. I think it is spring but am certain just yet.

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