on not following instructions

“When all else fails, read the instructions.” The old man used to view instructions as a last resort, each set a challenge for him to best.

Sometimes I’m good at receiving instruction; often I too will think I have a better way of doing things. Why would you not do it the easy way? Or the obvious way?

Then there are the things I’ve been doing the wrong way for so long that I’ve forgotten there is a right way.

Today I was reminded that there is a right way to wash bras.

A clue for the uninitiated- it’s not in the machine.

The hassle and the expense pain me.

A new undergarment, ripped to shreds on first contact with the washing machine. I can’t even bring it back to the shop.

Bad words.


7 thoughts on “on not following instructions

  1. Gosh, I wash all my underwear in the machine, but on a gentle wash and never have a problem. I also wash ‘dry clean only’ trousers, and press them straight from the machine and then hang them to finish drying. I do read the lables, but use my own judgement.

  2. Use a lingerie bag on gentle cycle Ive washed my victoria secret bras and undies for at least 30 yrs that way havent lost any yet (dont dry bras only dry undies)although Ive lost socks in the WASHER not the dryer 😫and my washer ate my only green sweater couldnt wear for St.Patricks day🍀 aarrghh!! Dont give up Fi Theres always a way Rarely take stuff to dry cleaners most can be hand washed.Dry cleaning is a misomer anyway its not really dry & the chemicals are rarely good for ppl like u & I who suffer from chronic illness so less exposure the better. Kiss Jake Woof >^..^<

  3. Oh hell, I’ll comment.

    I do the laundry here at the castle, But even I know you don’t machine the brassiere or there will be hell to pay. Nor does one hot iron fine intricate lace. But then again sometimes our mind is in another place where our body and spirit are not.

  4. I’m another lingerie bag user. All my bras go in the washer, in a lingerie bag on a mixed cycle. The bag really does protect them. I have a plain rectangular bag, and two special bags (which look like a kind of squashed dome) for underwired bras!

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