in which I have no principles

The English Houses of Parliament are fascinating historical institutions.

houses of parliament

I’m inclined to rant and rave about how they actually work, although opinions on the upper house have been overtaken by the horror of Dave and his mates. A general election looms, so be warned, bloggy buddies. Outrage may drag my brain from the foggy depths to complain  comment here in an articulate fashion.

The Conservative party did not win the last election. They have had no mandate for  demonising the sick as ‘scroungers’ or privatising parts of the National Health Service. They have simply ignored all protest, while lying, cheating and manipulating their way to bigger bank accounts. Perhaps it was always thus. Those in power look after themselves.

The House of Lords is where those with hereditary privilege or granted ‘honour’ review legislation and hold the works of the lower house to account. Or something.

As a white, educated, European I recognise my own privilege in the world, but that of the ruling class is of a different character altogether. Champagne, anyone?

Woolly jumper, lefty, pinko, naïve ?? All of those things. Also, curious.

Oh yes, I’m off to parliament on Tuesday.

How could I resist? I know folk who have turned down invitations to royal events because they do not support the status quo. I am less principled, or simply more nosey. I’m not going to be invited to a garden party, or get an honour. I’m taking my chance to look round me when I get it.

Wordpress doesn't like this pic the right way round
WordPress doesn’t like this pic the right way round


The PSP Association are having an awareness raising reception in parliament, and Ditzy and I are going on a day trip. There will be many emotions: “Look what you made me do, Ma”, “Pops, how did I end up here- are you watching”,  “Can I lie down yet?”,  “This is where they have their tea?”, and much exhaustion.

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. (Ditzy and I may be wearing these outfits.)


5 thoughts on “in which I have no principles

  1. Wow fancy schmancy dont do anything that would get you on National Television or maybe you should or I’ll never know about it here in the states snuggle in Jake (teehee) jk 🐶Represent….Ik u will and have fun PKK

  2. Now why didn’t I read this earlier? We could have met up.

    I haven’t read you for a while. WordPress has unsubscribed me, so I don’t get any notifications, nothing in Reader. Of course I should have just looked at your page myself. But when I did, I thought I had got the wrong address. New layout, new theme. Is this a spring thing? I have been thinking about changing the look of my page too.

    Let me know how you enjoyed the Palace of Westminster. As I didn’t hear about a visitor taking a swing at Dave, I imagine you didn’t see him. By all accounts he was given a going over by AgeUk. Good for them.

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