something wrong?

There was a fumbling at the door. Laughter. Girls fell in, in a flurry of uniform, bags and gangling keys.

“Uh oh. Mom’s been cleaning.” Girl1 had noticed a difference in the air, the can of polish on the window sill.

Girl2 burst into song.

They came to check I was ok. I’d been in bed for ages, and now this unusual behaviour. Is the book club due? Is Nana coming to visit?

Neither of those things. I’ve just found the limit of dust that’s acceptable (don’t try to count in days).

Yes, our house is a midden.

But I am just about upright and engaging with the world again, so really, who cares?





5 thoughts on “something wrong?

  1. Spot on (no pun intended). I have just dusted my home and rediscovered waht some things look like. Now with windows open it fills with dust even quicker than in winter. I know I am never going to live in a freakishly clean home, but it is a home, and homely too. BTW am in your bit of the world again in July.

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