strike a pose

-Will you talk about the work you did?

-I will.

-Would you be available to chat to any journalists that turn up?


None turned up.


6 weeks later…

-Are you still ok to talk to a journalist?

-Yes, of course.

-She’s from the regional Sunday tabloid.

-Oh, um, well, ok. That’s grand.


panic, panic, panic


The interview happened by phone last week. I was in pjs, despite having hardly slept with anxiety. I’d written pages of notes of what I wanted to say (what good things can happen when the system listens to patients and works with us). The journalist knew what sort of a story she wanted (ill woman with young family and her tragic, doomed, mother). We proceeded to the dance.

The article will appear eventually. The nonsense is over. The journalist and editor will do what they need to do to sell their paper. My input is over and all I can do is wait for it all to appear, and vanish.


It turns out there is always more.

The photograph they had wasn’t ‘good enough’ (we may have different criteria for that). A photographer is on the way. The house is tidy. I am dressed. My face has been drawn on. I’m hunting out the extra anti mad tablets.

How did I end up here? I’m so much more comfy being anonymous in pjs.





6 thoughts on “strike a pose

  1. Just don’t get mad at what gets written. Not many journalists are able to listen past their own original agenda. I wait to hear what has been said (some version of you…) The blog is great for telling who you really are. Still maybe it will be a good article and have a nice photo. (memo to self stop being so cynical about journalistic media)

  2. You are a far better woman than I. I am certain it will turn out in the end and as another posted dont sweat what is written we know the truth. Kiss the dog >^. .^< Woof!

  3. You will let us know how this turns out, won’t you? I am glad you at least get asked! You have a valuable voice and an important perspective. When it is published, just remember all the public voices out there with influence and valuable messages and I’m sure they are all misquoted and in a sense “used” for the journalists’ personal agenda. The editing process may not please you. But something of what you wanted to say will come through, so concentrate on that. I repeat my original thought–I’m just glad they ask! 🙂

  4. I’m sure your words will be of great help to people no matter if they change the context slightly to sell copies or whatever. Tis a good thing you do and you’ll look great doing it! 🙂

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