waiting on the rage

The exit polls were a shock. There were hours of disappointment before I went to bed. When I finally made it up again there was lots of drama, but more despair.

A majority for Dave and his mates.

How is that even possible? The vilification of the poor, vulnerable or disabled. The selling off of the National Health Service. The pandering to the wealthy at the expense of the rest of us. Systemic abuse of the ‘others’. Deliberately chosen by the electorate.

No longer can we talk about Dave having no authority for his decisions. The British electorate decided, against all the odds and contrary to all the pre election polls, that they want more austerity, more food banks, more benefits sanctions, more capitalism. I am genuinely baffled. And bruised.

In our own constituency, I voted for the weak, unlikable incumbent to reduce the chances of a Conservative led government. A conservative majority was never a consideration.

What do we do now? Those of us who believe in equality, equity, supporting the sick and vulnerable, valuing all the people? Those of us who are exhausted and defeated?

We must find ourselves again. We will be resilient. But, today we need a boost, and a reminder.


Will there be room in Scotland for everyone?




6 thoughts on “waiting on the rage

  1. As you say, why on earth did so many people actually vote for such a regressive government? I guess they believed all the Tory lies about Labour wrecking the economy and the Tories bringing about a glittering economic recovery. Such sad gullibility.

  2. Devastating result. One advantage of living in USA is that I am 5 hours behind so I “stayed up” for all of it and got more and more miserable. My take on the reason is that as people get more desperate, they go for more definite, whatever the definite is. [ideology = like joining more fundamental religions] Wrote a bit here.

  3. For as long as we have bullets, bombs and murder on the streets of Northern Ireland, nobody will take us seriously, so it does not really matter who we vote for. We had eight candidates in my electoral Area. Only one managed to stick a label with my name and address on the literature and for the first time in thirty seven years Two of the candidates bothered to call to my door. Nobody else came and they want my vote? In truth, they don’t give a S… ( the word with a smell of it)!

  4. Like you I am baffled. The newspaper coverage was very pro Tory. I think many people don’t read the small print; neither do they understand how food banks and benfits work. But mainly I think this was a fear vote. we have been repeatedly bludgeoned by the Tory PR machine with figures about jobs and the economy and it seems to have convinced enough people. But look at the voting figures – we did not vote for this government. The greatest task now is to find the stamina to keep protesting and fighting to keep the things we believe in.
    In M&S today the talk at the check out was all disbelief at the outcome. One woman saying very loudly how she’d throw the lot out and take away their cars, make them use the bus and the tube like the rest of us. Yes, I know it doesn’t quite add up, but she was very cross!
    Keep going.

  5. I hear the sadness in your voice and although I don’t know a lot about Ireland’s political parties, I’ve read enough, or heard enough through you and a few others, to feel like I “know” Dave. And so I feel the same sense of disappointment. Apathy and heartless disregard for people’s needs is certainly in short supply in our country as well. There’s a lot of talk, but in action and reality, capitalism is alive and well. At a party one time I “joked” that I was a “lapsed capitalist.” The room feel embarrassingly silent as though I’d said something utterly distasteful. You will always make a difference wherever you find yourself because you care!

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