adventures with(out) caffeine

I don’t drink as much coffee as I used to, but I’m worth nothing until I’ve had the second cup in the morning. Girls wonder “How many cups is that?” before asking questions that require sensible answers.


For ages I used a wee metal pot. It came on holidays with me. I needed no fancy frothers or magic machines because I just drink black coffee. No lattes or cappuccinos or mocha-somethings. Coffee. Black. Simple.

The wee pot died. Feeling hardy, I ordered new seals and set about reviving it. It was not to be. I reverted to using the cafetiere, a bit messy, gets cold quickly, but still, coffee. Coffee, delicious coffee.

Feeling efficient, I decided to cut out a stage in the mess. Rather than emptying the soggy grounds into the composting bin in the kitchen, I just go straight for the outside bin. A wee knock off the side of the bin, and, oh yes, that was glass…

Feeling bereft, I drank instant coffee, and tried to get on with life. Until today.

Spurs Fan had spotted a half price machine in the local supermarket. We looked it up. It was well reviewed and not half price anywhere else. Off we set.

It came home, and out of the box, to oohs and aaahs. Speccy’s new toy! I divided up the instructions and too many cooks failed to make the toy work.

But Girl1 is a problem solver. She had YouTube, and after several attempts, worked out what we were doing wrong. We were doing all the right things, but not necessarily in the right order.

I had proper coffee, and now there is a blog post. In this case correlation may well imply causation.


11 thoughts on “adventures with(out) caffeine

  1. You drank instant coffee; things were bad.
    On das Boot (a whole twenty-five feet in length) I have a French cafetière inherited from Mother, an Italian cafetière, and a filter coffee set.
    I don’t have a teapot.
    I think that probably explains my priorities.

  2. Oh yes, adventures in coffee I know it well. I broke my glass cafetiere in dishwasher and I was bereft! I never stooped to instant coffee though 😉 I also had one of those coffee things you put on the stove top until I threw out its inner workings by my mistake. My present cafetiere is cracked and I have to be quick or the coffee leaks out before I get to pour it I alternate it with my nespresso machine which I love. All this talk of coffee has me longing for another cup..

  3. I’m not a coffee drinker. Well, OK, I drink coffee now and then, but it’s the level-teaspoon-of-instant-coffee kind of coffee that a real coffee drinker doesn’t even recognise as coffee. But I do know that the best way to make real coffee is in one of those dinky little octagonal Italian Moka pots. We bought our son one for his birthday, and he was over the moon.

  4. My husband says I don’t drink coffee, but a coffee “beverage.” By the time I add all the cream and sugar I can’t early claim to be a coffee connoisseur. What did we do before Youtube? 🙂

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