the dress that twitter bought

A few weeks ago somebody, somewhere on twitter got a new dress. She shared a picture of the pattern, and I was lost.

tumbling teacups1

Perhaps ‘sold’ would be a better word.

‘Tumbling teacups’, it’s called. I fell in love.

A shop I’d never heard of. A whole new set of garments to look at wistfully. A sale. You know the rest.

It arrived yesterday. I tried in on, and kept it on. It doesn’t make me look thin. It doesn’t make me look young.

tumbling teacups2

I feel great in it. It makes me smile. Never underestimate the power of a frock.

Thank you for sharing, person I follow on twitter.


9 thoughts on “the dress that twitter bought

  1. And here I sometimes wonder why anyone would share a purchase on Twitter! Perhaps I’ll rethink my previous position. Enjoy your new frock!

  2. Love that dress…. I’ve never heard of the shop before…. and I’ve just bought that dress in the lighter colour just becuase of this blogpost!

    Amy X

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