I love them dearly

I do. I really do. But, sometimes, only sometimes, I could see them far enough…

Most of the time I’m home alone. I sleep, potter about in pjs and play on the computer. Jake, the grumbly westie, sleeps at my feet. We need the space, the interruption free world of the school term.

We’ve had 6 weeks of school holiday so far. We’ve been warm in England and frozen in Donegal. Spurs Fan has done some painting and we’ve decluttered. For now.We’ve been in the sea, played games, watched films, had lots of fun.


This morning, just for a few hours, the house is empty. Just me, Jake and Lauren Laverne. It’s glorious.

I’ve been conscious of missing a lot these holidays. Extra energy spent with my nearest and dearest has meant that I haven’t had the oomph to do other things. I missed a day with bloggy buddy Isobel, a meet up with old friends, a BBQ, a birthday party, all the space of about 3 weeks. I managed to have fun with friends in a restaurant and at book club, so I haven’t been confined to the house, just conscious of opportunities I couldn’t take. Sometimes I quite chilled about it; other times I rage against the fatigue, overwhelmed by the on going losses. Then I have a sleep, wise up, and get on with doing and enjoying the things I can.

And, really, you know as well as I do that I wouldn’t miss those random family moments that mean nothing to anyone else- pink hair, temporary vegetarianism, let’s just drive on to the end of this road…anybody know where we are? These are the moments that will live on and will have us laughing together in years to come.

I love them dearly. Most of the time.


14 thoughts on “I love them dearly

  1. Funnily enough, the day I came home, Cousin was telling me of the plans next spring when son number two, who is in Australia, is getting married. You wouldn’t get me on the plane. Daughter number one, the eldest by a couple of minutes, is also in Oz. She, husband and two small girls have a house in Sidney. The NI contingent, Cousin and husband, daughter number two, husband and two small boys, son number one and wife are all going over. All but son number one and wife are to stay with daughter number one and family. There will be rows, there will be tears, clashes of opinions. It sounds like hell. But daughter number one is convinced it will be wonderful.
    Maybe you, Cousin and the two Westies could snooze quietly in a darkened room for a few days when she gets back.

  2. I just LOVE Jake the “grumblywestie” and I see From another post he has a cousin westie….2WESTIES …..YIPPEE!! Life is merrier with a terrier or two >^.¿.^< Woof! ……PKK

  3. Often the happiest thing to do is very little, and Bbqs are a particular hell. You’re not missing out by any means. Let the world have its pace and you have yours. I’m just about to scroll up again in case I inadvertently missed a photo of the pink hair.

  4. This actually resonates quite closely with some of my own experience. Summer “vacation” was supposed to give me more time to do many things with my two granddaughters. I had it all planned perfectly…and then it really didn’t unfold the way I thought it would. We all do the best we can and there really never does seem to be enough to do it all. I think you’ve done “mighty well,” Fiona! ox

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