#1 reminders

I want to write, to share, to learn. To laugh more than to moan. To connect. But, in recent months I’ve been doing the typical ME thing of boom & bust- busy or too exhausted to think, never mind do. (It’s a common problem for anyone living with fatigue- we get so excited to have a wee bit of energy we do all the things while we can, and then take ages to recover. We need to pace ourselves. I’m good at that when I’ve not much on. Pass an interesting opportunity across my horizon, and all thoughts of pacing vanish. I get caught up in the fun and the challenge and forget that I’m meant to be conserving limited energy.)

I’m trying to post more regularly, to get back in the habit of taking time to reflect. In a few weeks the school routine will be in full swing and I’ll have all the space I need. Expect posts about the empty house and all that means…

In the meantime, I’m accepting Helen’s blog challenge: 3 days 3 quotes. The challenge is in limiting myself to 3 quotations- my pinterest quotation board has hundreds of images which have made me pause, smile or sniffle.


air mountains

plan b

Bloggy buddies, these are the reminders I need to take time to celebrate, to breathe in the world, and to just get on with things. What works for you?


4 thoughts on “#1 reminders

  1. I copied the plan b one and will post on twitter will try to give you credit with your twittter handle even tho I dont follow u on twitter I love your posts BUT completely understand when you dont post I have cfs so I do what I can do kiss Jake woof!..,PKK

  2. There’s a world out there? Who knew. That sounded like sarcasm, didn’t it.

    Dangling my toes in oceans of lilies works for me. But then am brought back down to earth, when I go skinny dipping in ponds of irrational fears. So I guess am scrapping by just like you and everyone else – in a niche etched out somewhere in the middle.

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