#2 Challenges

We all face challenges in life, we all juggle our own things. Health, money, family, jobs, or the lack of those, all impact on how we go about our everyday. Sometimes we muddle along fine, sometimes we struggle. I can get overwhelmed, and practically paralysed by anxiety at times. I ignore the issue until I have enough mental energy to deal with it- isn’t denial an interesting thing? Not always useful, I’ll admit, but often underrated.

Dealing with challenge is beautifully considered in the wonderful book We’re going on a Bear Hunt- “We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, Oh no! We’ve got to go through it.”


What can help in getting through?


hearts minds

Reach out, connect, get help, offer help.

Being open about vulnerability- that may be the biggest challenge of all.




day 2 of Helen’s 3 days 3quotes blogging challenge


3 thoughts on “#2 Challenges

  1. on every single foggy dawn
    as glaciers retreat their bodies
    their bodies, the embodiment of
    diminished, scrapped clean, flattened, raw
    teeth ,chromosomes and hearts
    remain behind in cups
    they lineup, the faces do
    from every past tense crushing mob
    seen and imagined
    all real faces you know well, not the digitized
    each an eye pressed tightly
    to the narrow tunnel of vision drones
    they blink once
    wait for the silence, then turn for home
    road killed, they wheelbarrow what remains
    to the valley below
    the slower the glacier the better the pill

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