to be decided

Democracy is a curious beast. We elect politicians and then spend years complaining that they won’t do as we’d like. We regard Yes Prime Minister and The Thick of It as close to documentary. We wonder what on earth happened to kindness and looking after each other, and yet we don’t quite know how to make things better in the big wide world.


I’ve signed a petition, shared posts and sent random stuff to collection points for refugee camps. I can do that in pyjamas, coffee in hand, heat on. Safe at home, without too much effort. It’s not enough, but nobody would thank me for turning up at a camp, gormless & needing a bed.

And I am ashamed.

A huge refugee crisis is happening on our watch, and the media still talk about ‘migrants’, as if these people thought it would be a good idea to try out the British Isles for work for a while. As if they weren’t desperate, and dying.

A huge refugee crisis is happening on our watch, and NI politicians are still manufacturing their own “crises” to avoid having to grow up and take some responsibility. To do the jobs we’ve been trying to get them to do for years. To take their heads out of their own asses and see that there are real issues in the world. To stop being so self absorbed and to recognise our common humanity.

A huge refugee crisis is happening on our watch, and we are doing nothing.

What’s wrong with us?


6 thoughts on “to be decided

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Fiona – did you see the BBC interview with Sarajevo refugees this morning? It was very clever because they are us, speaking in scouse accents and able to express precisely what it was like to arrived starved and traumatised. They are the happy ending.

    This is a situation which requires teamwork between nations, always a tricky old thing for Europe.

  2. I’m late to read your post, but this is so timely. I actually spent quite a bit of time today reading up on the crisis. I find that it requires me to really do my own research, because some of the information just trickles in. I’m so disgusted by so many things, but while people are dying and dead babies are being washed ashore– my country is focused on one simpleton going to jail rather than provide a marriage license to gay couples, Supreme Court ruling be damned. Forgive me for that reference if you don’t know what I’m taking about. It’s so headline news I assume you would know of it and maybe you don’t. I’d probably weep more if I weren’t so angry. Bless you for your efforts and let your energy compound and spread! I found a variety of sites today that inspired me as to what I can also do, but I will definitely join you in your efforts. As for what’s wrong with us? The answer is too scary.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly. People back home are so quick to cling tight to their benefits and ideas these foreigners will steal our jobs, homes… In the US they’re the same. I cried when I saw the German people clapping and cheering the refugees arrival. There’s a viral post going around that Steve Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrant. I think that says it all.

    Here’s a little thought provoking video too.

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