back on pointe

We’re well into the autumn routines- Strictly is on TV, the wonderful dry brightness of September has given way to October grey wet meh and all the dancing, in all the styles, is taking up our time.

Girl2 and I had adventures and lessons in the ballet shop. Who knew we needed an appointment to shop? Pointe shoes are not easily purchased. It takes an hour to get the right fit, along with a mini lecture on safety, style, correct sewing of ribbons, the many uses of hair grips, and the correct way to tie. We learned about layers of glue and canvas, and the names for all the parts of the shoe. One of us, at least, has forgotten most of what she learned. But, oh, the excitement! A step up in many ways.

We spent the weekend at an Irish dancing competition. The 2 days watching dancing take me much longer to recover from than to participate in. Other mums drove us each day- a gift, indeed. We go to competitions too often, girls do their thing and, from time to time, they’re happy with the results. This weekend, they each achieved what they hoped. Both of them= 2 happy girls= relieved parents. They have learned resilience and making the best of things. They support their Champion friends, and those who are disappointed with a result our two have only dreamt of.

Once in a wonder, the odds are in their favour and we celebrate.

In a few weeks we go to the regional championships. Last year, exhausted, I drove through a red light on the way home, about 1am. This time, we’re staying over. There is a swimming pool and beds. There will be quiet space for a demented parent. There may be t shirts for small folk. The results don’t matter- my people are going to having fun just taking part.


4 thoughts on “back on pointe

  1. It sounds like a combination of exhaustion and exhilaration! It must be a thrill to see your daughters compete and how wonderful that you are so involved with them. These are very special years. I’m glad you’re staying over and not pushing yourself any harder than it already is. Very special, Fiona. Wish I could see them perform. 🙂

    1. It’s hard to believe that I took them to dancing such a long time ago, just to get a way of burning off some of the Saturday morning energy! They love it, it has been good for them, and I’ve learned to appreciate what feet can do 🙂

  2. O’ how you dance and trundle on. I applaud these youthful immersion into the arts and the mothers steering them along or follow along, either or.

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