I was 15 when John Lennon died. I remember the shock, sitting on the bed with my oldies, listening to the morning news with disbelief. No, surely that’s not possible? Dead? That doesn’t make sense.

This morning, Spurs Fan woke me with the news that David Bowie has left us, and I felt just like I had 35 years ago.

I wasn’t a Bowie fan when I was 15- that came later. I met JWN at university and we combined our record collections; my Beatles, Springsteen and Ultravox to her Bowie and Velvet Underground. I learned a lot, and loved it all.

Bowie was there, always, it seemed. Where there was creativity, theatricality and fun, there was a hint of Bowie.

Of course, Bowie’s influence is beyond music- Caitlin Moran calls it…


But where to start today? I’ve spent hours with 6Music listening to much wonderful music by Bowie, influenced by Bowie, and which influenced him. I’m hearing old interviews, and bereft broadcasters and listeners sharing tales of humour and kindness. A man who did things his own way, and enabled others to do the same.

Thanks, Bowie. The stars will look very different today.









8 thoughts on “ch-ch-changes

  1. I remember when he married Iman I actually compared myself to her foolish foolish girl the only thing we had in common was long dark hair She was clearly outta my league as was he. Sadly I didnt know he had cancer since he was still making music.🎤 He was a true icon and standout in the music business🎶 He will be missed. PKK

    1. I think the shock today is partly because nobody knew he was sick. Big celebrations for the release of the album a few days ago, and then this news. Cool to the end

  2. I think for most of the world, today was just another day.. Of scrapping, bitching, yawning, scratching, buying things not needed, laughing, crying, hammering, downloading, uploading, loving, hating. But it will eventually sink in, they’re missing something important -a kind of strange fantastical ultra-modern abstract Crooner never seen before.

  3. I was appalled when I heard of his death. Like you say, he was in the news lately because of his album/birthday and now this …. it’s staggering. I actually cried and I never cry over this kind of news! The word ‘artist’ is bandied about often these days for any kind of creative work. I’m not disparaging that but Bowie was (was! crazy to have to write it!) in an entirely different league, a whole stratosphere that he created for himself. There was nobody even close. The world is a much more paltry place without him.

  4. Such a tragic loss, for sure. I just heard the new album today, and it tears at the heart. There aren’t any real originals left, I don’t think.

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