ravens, dragons, and eyebrows

I have been preoccupied of late. Spurs Fan and I have finally succumbed to Game of Thrones, theTV series based on George R R Martin’s fictional series A Song of Ice and Fire.

‘Epic fantasy’ is not really my thing, but everybody was raving about it. Numbers of people were genuinely surprised that we weren’t watching. We began to wonder if we were missing something other than violence, weirdness and misogyny.


We’ve spent the last few weeks engrossed in politics, death and drama. Family histories, ancient ties of loyalty, slights and snubs, good hearted Starks and nasty Lannisters, the wit and unexpected warmth of Tyrion and Jaime, the coldness of Stannis, the horror of torture. Dragons. Characters to care about. Characters with similar sounding names- Bran can’t walk but communes with trees and dreams of 3 eyed ravens, Bronn the mercenary, Brianne the female warrior somehow devoted to Renly, Catelyn and Jaime.

I’m not sure I could have kept up so long without the smartphone for the many ‘Who?’ ‘What just happened?’ moments. While I’ve been spotting all the local actors, Spurs Fan has a particular interest in Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. At the point we’ve reached, she’s discovered that ruling presents different challenges to conquering, and that dragons can’t be tamed.

mother of dragons

I’ve been less comfortable with the characters north of the wall- white walkers, underground zombies, and giants riding mammoths. Is that the sound of a shark being jumped, or is my imagination just too limited?

The women are interesting; political and fierce, never naïve for long, yet often still subject to the whims of men. They get grubby, menstruate, have thick eyebrows and can run when they need to. These fantasy women are not glossy.

Another political drama I’ve been catching up on is Scandal. Powerful women who are glossy and groomed, with pearls and high heels. The clothing of the main character reflects her behaviour- lots of cream, white and beige, but greys and blacks when her actions are a little murkier. It’s based in Washington DC, often in the White House. These are powerful women, without formal political roles. Not so different, then. No zombies, yet.

When my brain has recovered, I’ll catch up with real life. Bear with me.


10 thoughts on “ravens, dragons, and eyebrows

  1. Oh boy.. I watched Scandal on borrowed box sets from the library [Hurray for Island Free Library recently awarded the 5 star best library in USA !!!] I once watched some of Game of Thrones along with son-in-china but as he was well in the middle I was completely bewildered. Maybe I now have a plan for the winter evenings. Recently also caught up with about 60 episodes in 6 series of The Good Wife – she wears a lot of red – and am thereby totally turned off law and lawyers – worse than John Grisham but did keep me going back for one series after the next. Have I really spent so many hours sitting on that chair … ? Will follow up your thoughts yet again.

    1. I’m a Good Wife fan also- the clothes are fabulous 🙂 GoT is complex, and I keep forgetting the latest political alliances- I’d never have kept up if I’d been watching in real time. Bits of it are ridiculous, bits are horrible, but I’m enjoying it. I have been known to fast forward through prolonged battle scenes…

  2. I am Scandal watcher Good wife on occasion and thats recent Dont have ability to see Game of Thrones unless I pay a zillion $$ which I dont have The other 2 are on network tv The potus has admitted watching Scandal but wont say how close it is to real life😉kiss that cute Jake woof. >^..^<

  3. I’ve not fallen down the rabbit hole of either of those yet. Game of Thrones seems so daunting, so far behind am I. I await Orange is the New Black and the next part of The Fall. That’s all I can commit to at the moment but I remain curious about GOT!

    1. We started GoT just after Christmas, most evenings. 2 episodes a night, maybe 3, occasionally 4. We’ll be up to date tonight! Each series has 10 episodes, so it’s half the length of Scandal. It’s worth seeing, despite ridiculous/ horrible moments.

  4. I have yet to take on game of Thrones. Somehow I don’t think I’d be able to keep it all straight! Now Scandal? Love it in all its raunchy and over-the-top craziness. I’d list all the shows that I won’t miss but you’d undoubtedly think less of me! LOL!

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