a cunning plan

I sleep and lie about. Some days I get dressed. I’m sore and exhausted. My brain works intermittently at best. I worry about doing too much so I do nothing. Then, I do too much. I really am not good at this pacing thing. There are events to plan, meetings to go to, a new network to embrace. All the fun things.

For the last few years there has been a fair bit of talk in the ME world about heart rate monitoring. Some people benefit greatly from attempting to keep their heart rate below a certain level- stopping the boom before it happens, thereby preventing the bust.

That’s always seemed complicated, and a little beyond my comprehension. But recently I’ve begun to wonder. Sally, a local ME blogger and activist, is a natural teacher. She explains things in a way that make sense to those of us with cognitive issues. And she’s been monitoring her heart rate for some time.

At Christmas time, Spurs Fan came into a Fitbit, a wee strappy gadget for his wrist that monitors steps, sleep and much more. He loves it. It’s easy to use. It’s unobtrusive and convenient.

I don’t need all that technology.

I pondered, read Sally’s heart rate post again, and searched for heart rate monitors. They’re mostly expensive, ugly things. (Other opinions are available.) Really, I just wanted something like the Fitbit, but with a heart rate display. And, lo! Such a thing exists. It’s designed for active people, and gym use, but it displays heart rate and sends all the info to the phone for review. Of course, it also does steps, calories, sleep and other things I may never use. I’m hoping I can learn to up my physical activity safely, and to cease and desist in a timely manner. The device is hardly lovely, but was cheaper and less bulky than alternatives. (I could have paid a lot extra for a different colour.)

admittedly, not stylish
admittedly, not stylish
My numbers
Maximum heart rate: 220-50= 170
Safe limit for ME people, 60% of max: 170 x 0.6= 102


The fancy tech is charging now. Soon I will be knowledgeable and able to discuss numbers with the best of you. I’m going to do it properly this time.

Until I don’t.



9 thoughts on “a cunning plan

  1. Go for it Fiona! I’m flattered that you have been inspired to give this a go because of my blog bletherings. If I’m honest, I’m much better at talking about heart rate monitoring principles than I am at fully adhering to them. Having said that I still think it helps in the long run to be aware. Good luck. 😀

    1. Who knows how this will go? It could be in the bin in a week… But it’s a start, and I feel like I’m doing something to try to get a handle on managing my energy. I’ll let you know how I’m getting on 🙂

  2. Call me Miss Boom and Bust no self discipline getting better as I age but as you wrote viruses are rampant this time of yr despite handwashing& staying away from humans as much as possible I still got nailed beginning of Jan. Still recovering aargghh! not suee heart rate has been an issue for me I feel like ass when my heart rate is 100 or less or more doesnt matter I’ll keep reading to see your progress Sally has quite a way with words😊 Kiss Jake >^..^< woof!

  3. Oh, this looks interesting. I tried one before I became bedridden that went round my waist but found it so uncomfortable. Am I right this one goes on the wrist, would much prefer that. Do you have a name and link for it?

    Good luck in trying it – or not 😉

  4. I hope you will follow and share a little bit about your progress with this monitor and to tell more about how you’re doing with your heart monitoring. I don’t know a thing about this or have any idea how you’d go about changing your heart rate. It is a fascinating thought to think that you could affect the course of ME with this challenge. Go for it!

  5. Elly has a Fitbit and for several months last year she took a heart reading every day – just because she could. A reminder in her calendar sent a ping to her phone for the same time everyday. That way she would not forget.

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