adding a little something red

I have pale, pale skin, and pale, pale hair. Drastic action is needed to avoid being a big white blob. I am experimenting with red lipstick, to apparently hilarious effect.

IMG_5598 April16 It turns out that red lipstick produces a whole new set of challenges, unforeseen by one who normally wear anonymous sorts of colours.

There are many many shades of red, ideal for those with much much money. It may take some time to find the right one.


It’s RED, look at me, brimming with confidence, in your face, RED. It is not subtle.

It neeeds careful application otherwise it goes everywhere, and crucially, can’t be wiped off cleanly. It’s not a matter of simply applying red stuff to one’s lips. Apparently I need a matching lip pencil (nope) and tutorials. Seriously, people, can you imagine the reaction doing this at home would provoke?

red lipstick tutorial


So far I’ve only bought one lipstick, a drying sort, and a gloss, which stays on, but doesn’t stay glossy. I could get into a habit, fooled by lists and brand names. All of the internet raves about this one, so in interests of research I may hunt it out. Once I bought a fancy Chanel nail varnish because the internet told me to. The internet is never wrong…



8 thoughts on “adding a little something red

  1. Looks super good to me You did something right AND One can NEVER go wrong with Chanel 😎 Kiss 💋Jake >^. . ^<Woof!

  2. I love red lipstick! My current faves are Collection Work The Colour Matt Lip Butter (the matt looks great and keeps your lips soft, will need to kep it on hand for reapplying post meals/snogging) and basically any of the Maybelline Super Stay 24hrs – the glossy kind not the traditional lipstick 14hr kind which are pants. If applied properly the maybelline one will stay bright and glossy all day and you will probably eve wake up to find it’s mostly still on the next day

  3. I can’t help you lipstick-wise, Fiona. I never realised there was so much to it, and thought that red was red.That just shows you what I know!
    The red suits you, by the way.

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