#Brexit- it might actually happen

I’m struggling with this. I will be voting Remain, but I am anxious that the Leave campaign may win. I am anxious because I really don’t think it’s a good idea.

I haven’t encountered any arguement that makes me pause to consider that maybe leaving the EU might be a good thing.

Unelected leaders?

  • Um, monarchy? A series of figure heads exisiting purely because they happened to be born in a particular family. Third and fourth in line to the throne are small children and have shown no more interest in or aptitude for the job than I have. I couldn’t do, nor want to do, the jobs my great grandparents did. What’s to say either of them will? They may well prefer to grow up to be a middle aged chronically ill benefit scrounger like me. They will be living on state funding after all. Maybe I’d be a good monarch…
  • I’m 50+. Until recently, I never had a chance to vote for a leading party at Westminster. Now my constituency has a Conservative, who’s never going to get my vote, and not only because he looks to be 12.

Decisions made in Brussels affecting me?

  • Yup- no different from decisions made in Westminster affecting me.

Red tape?

  • Try being ill and applying for welfare support.


  • A huge proportion of my family live outside NI. Those in GB may not technically be ‘migrants’, but many arrived there when being Irish was problematic.

no blacks no irish

  • Seriously, England? Empire builders extraordinaire? Emigrants, colonisers and users of the resources of other land masses for centuries? Are you really saying that migration is only ok if you’re the ones doing the migrating?
  • Exactly how are immigrants causing a problem? This bit hasn’t beeen explained to me, so I’m missing some key information. Without that, the Leave leaders might look a bit racist. Please advise. My part of the world has been greatly enhanced by migration- the primary school has expanded, there are plenty of small businesses and our Romanian neighbours turned us all into the bisto kids, with the amazing smells coming from next door. ( Cooking is not a strength of mine.)

The UK can negotiate access to the good bits of EU from the outside?

  • What would the EU gain from that? Why would they want to negotiate with a country that has just stormed off because it didn’t like the EU?

More money for the NHS?

  • I do not believe that shower would give any more money to anything that doesn’t suiit them. They’ve been trashing the NHS and those who need it for some time- they’re not going to get a change of heart now. The EU is not depriving the NHS of appropriate funding, the Conservative party are.

None of the Leave campaign have been able to tell us what their brave new world will look like.  They want us to take a huge risk, with the only probable known being Boris Johnson becoming PM in the summer. It is downright immoral. People are being deliberately scared and they will vote accordingly. For Boris’ vanity project. Conservatives shaft the UK for their own advantage again.

I enjoyed this piece by Anne Enright ( written in better humour than my post!)

Of course as an Irishwoman I also have to be cheerfully insulting and say that I am really sorry that Britain lost her empire with all the money and the power that came with it, I know that must be hard for you all. But as you would say to any grand old lady, in her nostalgia and wounded pride, “Don’t isolate yourself.” It must be so tempting to shut the doors and pull the curtains, keep the money under the mattress until the value fades out of the old notes, and think about the past. Which was great, if a little bit unfair. But the world has changed, since Britain was last alone. Don’t go. You will not thrive, and we want you to thrive. You are still family to us all.

from: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/jun/04/dear-britain-letters-from-europe-referendum




2 thoughts on “#Brexit- it might actually happen

  1. I don’t know what to say – except that two wrongs don’t make a right and I also go for remain as the least worst option. It reminds me of my father way back in 50s saying he was completely disenfranchised as the choice was unionist or nationalist and he couldn’t even begin to vote for either. Inadvertently I booked myself a stay with the sisters – maybe can see you? – and forgot to organize a postal vote. Freudian slip? What beats me is the almighty fuss about this garbage as though we are not busy destroying the very planet and failing to plan for sea-level rise etc. The migration then will be from essex to the cotswolds or something if UK has not drowned altogether.

  2. I’ve been scouring articles and on-line resources trying to understand the ramifications of “in or out” and I’ve been surprised by the complexity. Of course, we have our own craziness going on, as you know. What a year this is. Seems like a lot is riding in the balance and we are all going to learn a lot about our resilience, I think. I’m watching and interested, Fiona.

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