a scrambled brain

My brain has run out of steam. Everytime a coherent thought about the post referendum politics gathered itself, something significant changed, and my mind couldn’t cope. Dave resigned as Prime Minister, Boris was hoisted by his own petard, then stabbed in the back. Brutus Mr & Mrs Gove announced that they he’d been persuaded to stand, despite being the Man Least Likely. Out of the dusty debris strode Theresa and Andrea, each fancying themselves as a new Mrs Thatcher. There are others, but the story will have changed by the time I finish typing.

And I have no idea what’s going on with the Labour Party, the offical opposition to the government. They have decided to implode simultaneously. In the meantime, Nicola (First Minister of Scotland) has gone to chat to Brussels and Arlene (First Minister of NI) has gone on holiday.

There are no leaders doing any leading. It’s a remarkable situation, politics in total disarray.

This, slightly more comprehensive, humorous listing of events entertained me. The world is so out of kilter that I’m keeping up with BuzzFeed.

During the chaos I’ve been participating in this conference, and that one; I’ve also been wondering about strategic planning, social value proposition, theory of change, funding applications, and all sorts of very grown up stuff far beyond my ken. I’m getting there, but losing track of everything else in the meantime. I have forgotten most things I’d been hoping to do this month.

The little bit of brain power I’ve had left, I’ve spent watching football, or scanning a handy wall chart to see who is playing next at Euros2016. Northern Ireland beat Ukraine, Ireland beat Italy, England beat Wales, but then Wales beat Russia, Slovakia, Northern Ireland and Belgium, and England were beaten by Iceland. Fans from all parts of this island had such fun in France that they’re getting turning up medals. Spurs Fan (for these events, also known as England Fan) provided a public service to hundreds of school children last week, as they all burst out laughing when they saw him the morning after the ignominious defeat. I have really enjoyed the smiting and the tales of ancient warriors as match commentary, from Reykajvik Grapevine.

School has finished. Girl2 has returned from Gaeltacht. We have nothing to do but walk on beaches, spend time with Nana and Grandad, and gently unscramble over the next few weeks. The politics will sort itself out without me.


6 thoughts on “a scrambled brain

  1. Indeed – I do so like your last sentence “the politics will sort itself out without me” – but I bet you will be back in after a few beach walks. Enjoy the walks and the girls, they grow up soon.

  2. Just wait until our American November elections…we’ll add that into the state of affairs in your corner of the world and we will all need to go on holiday (or resign) together. We are living in strange political times!

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