what I know about make up- a short post

Before girls went away on their travels, Bookclub buddies wondered why I wasn’t going with them to Poland. Was I falling behind in my duties? Not, you understand, my mummy duties. My shopping duties. Think of the opportunities I’d be missing. (I’d rather be on the beach). Kileen, ever wise, said ‘I bet Poznan has a Sephora‘. Oh. I hadn’t thought of that. (Still, beach.) For the uniniatied, Sephora is a European chain of incredible loveliness. All the make up in all the colours. It’s a bit overwhelming, a temple to beauty products.

Needless to say, girls returned laden down with Sephora products and gloating. Look, Mummy, here I am with my Sephora mascara. Isn’t it lovely? Have you seen my Sephora bronzer?

Hmmm. My late mother, Herself, would be delighted at the interest her granddaughters have learned to take in their appearance, through doing a lot of performing. They have worked out foundation and fake tan and blending and concealer in a way that I have yet to do. It’s unlikely at this point that I ever will.

I did buy make up this summer. It came from another European chain- the discount supermarket Lidl. Nail varnish, mascara, lipstick and BB cream. BB cream, you wonder? I thought it was a fancy tinted moisturiser, but apparently it’s meant to be a wonder product, “promoted as an all-in-one facial cosmetic product to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock.

Lidl beauty

I did have some fun playing the the bundle of cheapy products, and my expert reviews are as follows…

Lip gloss- too sticky.

Mascara (regular)- grand, but nothing special.

Mascara (waterproof)- horrible, stings.

Nail varnish- 2 coats needed. Red is fab.

Lipstick- good colours, doesn’t last for ages, but fine.

BBcream- needs a primer (or the Nivea after shave balm) to stop it from going all bally.

That’s it, chaps. That’s my make up reviewing done. Maybe I’ll get the girls to write the next one.


Sadly, this post was not sponsored in any way by either Sephora or Lidl.



4 thoughts on “what I know about make up- a short post

  1. Missed opportunity there surely, of many kinds. Why do I feel you do not really care? like you a lot the way you are, just as Herself would, you always make me smile, you look good and you write good.

  2. As you know I’ve mostly given up on makeup. Not out of principle- used well it can make a helluva difference . But oh the time (and money saved)! Only problem is when I do decide to wear it I now risk conjunctivitis or worse. All my mascara is at least 5 years old

  3. We have a Sephora in one of our local department stores, but I have never been in. I used to like to wear make-up. But I could never afford the good quality stuff. Then I lived in Kansas where it was hot and humid for 9 months out of the year. I have naturally very oily skin, and the cheap stuff couldn’t hold up. It would melt within minutes of leaving the house, leaving my time and money wasted. I would usually end up wiping it all off as I would sweat. Yuck!! So, as my budget couldn’t afford higher end product, I gave it all up. On the rare occasion I do spackle my face up, I realize that after all this time going au naturel I find I don’t really miss the make-up.

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