I had plans

Yeah, well, we know how that goes.

This plan was to go to a conference, abroad. Experience had taught me not to go on my own. This time there were to be three of us, sharing the load of worthy talks, finding our way and having fun. We produced a poster, like proper health conference people. I had plans of mingling and learning, followed by meandering happily through cobbled streets and a chance to explore Brussels.

I had concerns, of course. It would be a huge energy commitment. Could I realistically do that and recover before 2017? Part of my enthusiasm, undoubtedly, was to overcome the many minor traumas of my last conference travel attempt. I wanted to participate without the melodrama.



And then a headcold turned nasty, despite me trying to kill it off with days of medication. I was floored, sneezing & spluttering. My inner ear protested crossly when I moved my head. My nose, well, you can imagine… The cough still sore and tickly, its full joys yet to come.

Travelling, mingling, thinking- all given up for hot water bottles, cold ‘fixers’ and even more time in bed than usual.

Right now, fellow volunteers are doing their thing- learning and chatting in a beautiful city. They’ll talk about their experience, our charity, about patients changing policy, about working with pharma companies, accessing clinical trials and treatments, about impact & funding, and making a difference.

I am the great unwashed, snuffling on the sofa. I’m never going to be a jet setter am I?



8 thoughts on “I had plans

  1. That’s just plain disappointing. Just because we know it happens and we are all grown up doesn’t make it less so. They will miss you too but you are doing minging while they do mingling. Get well, make everyone take care of you. Xo

  2. Hope you are feeling better Fiona, we are missing you. The famous poster has had a dramatic journey so far and is waiting to take its place tomorrow amongst the other patient group ones. We were like accidental tourists today, stumbling into a really interesting day where people had to be reminded of what exactly the patient voice is (definitely not a note in the centre of the product process!) I was so tired that at times I felt I was drifting off only to be jolted awake by something someone said that either spurred me on or jarred me. Fear of patient involvement is palpable and noted by any patient representative here, this is going to be an interesting few days. Thankfully, I am in excellent company who knows his way round Brussels, who has made sure I don’t stay on the train endlessly,! guides me to the hotel, shows me the beautiful buildings in Le Grande Place and knows a good place to eat. We three musketeers will have to come back here someday, get well soon. x

  3. Ach Fiona! I don’t believe. I’m only over what sounds like the same dose and it’s a persistent one! Can’t believe you missed the conference as a result of it. What a bummer!

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