I’m tired

Tired of being mentally and physically exhausted.

Tired of seeing people I want to talk to, and not remembering what I want to talk to them about.

Tired of forgetting to order medication, and then not lifting the prescription because I couldn’t find a parking space I could confidently put a tiny car in.

Tired of having no confidence.

Tired of anxiety.

Tired of turning down opportunities to make a difference because I can’t do any more.

Tired of justifying what I do.

Tired of forgetting important things.

Tired of letting others down.

Tired of not being who I want to be.

Tired of being overwhelmed by simple stuff.

Tired of being demoralised.

Tired of being a sensitive little soul.

Sick & tired of being sick for 11 years.




6 thoughts on “I’m tired

  1. What can I say that would help, even a little? My first reaction was awful, thank goodness and gratitude I am not you, but me and don’t suffer this. You have often helped me. Now, a little less of the me-me, I find myself wanting to say, just be. Be tired. I like you every way you come. I am sorry when I hear that you do not. I hope that fed-up of being tired changes, if it doesn’t I just wish it would. Love, Elspeth

  2. Even though I have disappeared from most of Blogdom, I still think of you often with hopes that things are going okay. I am sorry if that is not the case because I can tell you are a wonderful person who has touched a lot of lives in a very positive way, including my own. Just know you can always reach out to me and listen when you need an ear. Big hugs, Janie

  3. I am so sorry, Fiona. I have thought of you so often and hoped you were doing well. I will always hope that for you. As much as I’d have enjoyed a better report, I must say that it’s still good to hear from you. I always admire your honesty. I send a gentle hug.

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