unintended consequences OR what I’ve learned

I’m sure you’ve seen the video of what happened after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park. An additional species transformed the ecosystem of the entire park. The pecking order was disrupted, different plants grew, other species returned, and the very routes of the rivers changed. Many of these changes were unexpected. The park was transformed.

We’ve had our own transformation in the McSpec world recently. The change agent is dog>terrier>cairn westie mix>Harry. We don’t know what’s hit us. The bundle of energy who came along a month ago surprises us every day.

Some of you may remember Jake, the grumpy westie, who used to be part of our family. He was an Eeyore sort of character, a bit depressed, stoic and not great with people. In contrast, Harry is a Tigger- bouncy, enthusiastic and very friendly. Trees are exciting, as are individual leaves, cushions, passing strangers, hats, shoe laces. We are not allowed to go upstairs unaccompanied in case he misses out on an open door, a cuddly bed or a window to look out of.

You’ll guess that such enthusiasm can be both destructive and exhausting. Some slippers, hats, his cuddly bed, and assorted soft furnishings have been killed. The bathroom bin has been emptied and contents chewed, and the upstairs landing decorated with toilet roll. We’re learning.

Now he has a hard bed, hats have been moved out of harm’s way and doors are closed. And the entire circulation in the upstairs of the house totally disrupted. Until recently the doors were always open, air swishing round all the rooms, doing its thing. I didn’t notice that girls never opened windows, or that the bathroom was cool. (The bathroom has 3 outside walls, so I’m not exactly observant…) Thanks to Harry, I know that bedrooms are stuffy and the bathroom is freezing.

I’ve also remembered poo bags, soggy walks in the rain, the light of the sun on the river, the daily boost of fresh air, thinking space.

Thanks to Harry.



4 thoughts on “unintended consequences OR what I’ve learned

  1. I’m laughing at the picture you’ve created of a little dog excited even at the aspect of leaves! What a little whirlwind! Harry is undoubtedly going to continue to turn your world on-end, and yet he’s obviously already wormed his way into your hearts! Hooray!

  2. It would appear Hairy Harry is a third child, Rambunctious, even impish. An above all, therapeutic for the she-wolf of the pack. Dogs will rule the world one day, if they don’t already.

  3. Dog lovers out there might enjoy a book I got for Christmas “How dogs love us” by Gregory Berns. If you are like me, have a box of tissues nearby, you’ll cry tears of joy, pride and a little sadness.

    Oh, and welcome to the family Harry!

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