The September story

Oh, how I used to hate September. It was full of ‘fresh starts’ & ‘new beginnings’, while I was still in bed, going nowhere, doing nothing. Especially nothing new. Every September was a reminder that I wasn’t getting better.

I’m still not getting better. I had two ‘look at me, nearly normal’ days last week, followed by the inevitable ‘oops not enough energy to sit up’ days.

But it seems I’m not angry any more. Huh. I don’t know when that happened. It means I can just get on with getting on. There are things I’ll never get round to doing, but I’m not missing out on that much.

September still brings its changes. Girl 1 is going to university. She’s going to be having adventures I know not of, meeting loads of new people, and having fun. Studying, too. She won’t be far away so may still be subject to random hugging.

Girl 2 will be going to school on her own, rediscovering the bus in the process. Motivation to learn to drive, right there. Spurs Fan (a primary school teacher) has a new bunch of little folk to annoy for two years. They will soon know more than they ever need to about Tottenham Hotspur FC. That will stick in their heads longer than some of the curriculum.

I’ve had a break from all the volunteering. I’d thought I would do events, but one day of that cued me of the notion. Fun, worthwhile, enjoyable, but beyond my capabilities.

I’m going to have a new adventure of my own, as part of the Boardroom Apprentice programme. I may be the eldest student, or the only one without a job, but I have a new notebook, and am keen to learn. What else do I need?

Bring it on, September.

9 thoughts on “The September story

  1. My girl, granddaughter 1 is also off to university, far too far away. Next time I’m over near Belfast, or you are in Edinburgh we can compare notes. Re the ‘getting on’ much sympathy and love the humour as always, keep it going, and glad to hear the anger shifted, its not much help sometimes.

  2. How did Girl 1 and Girl 2 move into this highly independent stage of their lives! Aren’t they still just little girls active in dance competitions?

    I was excited to see your name pop up, Fiona, and continue to think of you and the struggles you face. It seems a good sign that you remain interested in new programs and continue to find ways to remain engaged. Thank you for the family update. It’s been a while…and you are always missed. 🙂

    1. Debra, one is indeed little (18, but wee) and they both still dance! Irish & ballet, after all this time. I’m still amazed that they have stuck with ‘keep them occupied’ childhood activities- spending time with good friends, learning how to deal with what life throws at them & having lots of fun.
      I hope you have some power x

  3. Hello! My spud is off to a new school this fall. She’s in her first year of high school, kind of a big deal. I got laid off, which is not a horrible thing, as I hated that job. I started a master’s degree program in August, so, again, kind of a big deal. I wish you well in your studies!

    1. See now I feel a bit like Debra (above)- Spud in high school!! 😳 You take on the world, Janie, & come out fighting. I hope the masters is going well x

  4. 🙂 Thanks! It is going okay. I like what I am going, but it is very different that when I was studying for my bachelor’s degree. It’s only 8 weeks in, but I think that’s a good thing!

    Hugs your way!

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