The poor glass man

I did my talk to students yesterday and it was grand. I can do the talking. But the content matter hit me, all that revealing of vulnerability. Alternatively, I drove there and back and I talked to 150 medical students. I’m amazing. Go me.

When I came home I was jittery and unsettled, a bit removed from the world, so I took the trusty hot water bottle and headed to bed. Then a phone call from the office of the glass repair people. “You’re wanting the glass in your door fixed? We have someone outside number 11, is that not you?” “No, but I’ll stick my head out the door and find him.” The chap did the measuring he needed to do and my fetching pjs were not mentioned.

Isn’t it the cutest thing? Perfectly designed for feeling better.

I wasn’t meant to be here today, but the spinning head and exhaustion meant that I turned off the alarm, just remembering to send apologies. I slept and slept. Some time after waking up I began to feel human again. At one with the world. Ready for a shower, and even a hair mask. No, not a woolly number, a purple coating/ thick shampoo like substance that stays on for a while to get rid of the grubby looking yellow / enhance the natural beauty of my shining white hair. I applied plenty of gunge.

And then the door bell rang.

The self same unexpected glass man. Yesterday he got me in my seasonal pyjamas; today, a purple dressing gown and matching hair.

I did not look this good.
Image from

As he left, I promised to be dressed the next time he comes back. I’m really not sure that helped the situation.

He may never come back.

4 thoughts on “The poor glass man

  1. Tell this to the next lot of medical students. It will maybe stop them from treating their desperate tired patients like today’s pity project so they know excellence, vulnerability, and GSOH belong to everyone if they look widely enough. Good on you Speccy. [PS like the doggy hot water bottle cover too]

    1. Doggy was a Christmas gift, used almost daily since 🤗 I had a quick trip to East Lothian & am hoping to go back in the summer. If the stars align, I may even get to see you in Edinburgh

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