There are lots of things I could do with learning: how to be domesticated; how to be a yummy mummy; how to influence decision makers to consider the needs of those living with a neurological condition; how to do primary school maths.

What do I really want to learn now? That’ll be the smaller stuff- how to make a blog look good; how to write without a torrent of typos; how to be interesting, stimulating and, if it calls for it, humorous (apologies, Chris Evans).

Bear with me.

brave or crazy?

New things make me anxious. I’m afraid of making a fool of myself. I prepare for failure. I wish I could be more like Girl1. She will try anything and is afraid of nothing, except birds. She went ice skating for the first time yesterday, and was glad to be doing it with a fellow beginner. On return, she raved about it being really fun and is determined that we should all take it up. Time to stop being a wimp, prepare to fall, and enjoy the sliding…