Apart from reports for work and a few stabs at a diary/ journal, I’ve never written anything other than emails. I’m not a journalist, novelist, tv reviewer (you already know this). I don’t have a plan about what I’m going to write. This is not a project to get more than a handful of readers, or to promote a business. I just want to see if I can do it.

I don’t know how to be poetic, pithy or informative. It seems that I begin to run out of steam around 120 words/ 3 small paragraphs. Will that be as boring for us all as long, rambly posts? Will I learn how to tell a story? I seem to be starting off with a notion, and ending up somewhere else completely- this may a be a good thing, or just plain odd.

I don’t want to witter on about family or health, although these will undoubtedly continue to make appearances. There are any number of lifestyle and beauty blogs out there, written by people who know what they are doing, and who can work a camera. Maybe I’ll write up what the book club thinks  articulate wonderful book reviews. Maybe I’ll tell you about recent music purchases and how Spurs Fan struggles with anything recommended by Bob Harris, or that isn’t Paul Weller. If you’re really lucky I’ll rant about politics or shopping for clothes when one is rather larger than one would like.

I will not be doing outfit posts; I have been rude about too many of those.


let me count the ways

Lovely Hugh Laurie

comic, actor, novelist, oarsman, musician


We all have our own talents. Some can sing, dance, do hard sums. Others give up careers in IT and electronics to make a living in gardening or curtain making. Some have the social skills to make us feel warm and involved and cared for. Some design and make the buildings and infrastructure which keep us safe and secure.

The tragedies in Japan this month have shown the importance of design for the environment, and of having back up emergency plans. What do we do if there is no plan b/c/d or e?

In life, how many of us have plans in reserve? How many of us drift into jobs because someone was willing to pay us rather than because that’s what we’re driven to do? How many of us are driven to do anything at all?

And how to I get to meet be more like Hugh Laurie?

Denmark vs Hawaii

For weeks now I’ve been watching The Killing on BBC4. It’s dark, moody and enthralling. I’ve also seen plenty of Hawaii Five O which is bright, glossy and full of attractive people in swimming costumes. Technically these could each qualify as ‘crime’ dramas, but it’s hard to find any other points of similarity (unless we count my front room).

Scandanavian crime is fashionable now, and surfing in Hawaii probably has been fashionable from whenever fashion found about it. I’d go to Hawaii any time, but I’m not attracted to Copenhagen in November-it seems too much like Belfast with the rain, the gloom and the dubious politicians. If the Danish tourist board would like to persuade me otherwise, of course…

Both programmes have convoluted plots- The Killing’s is spread out over 20 episodes, looking at police procedure, family dynamics and political intrigue, while the plot of any single episode of Hawaii Five O is mind boggling. Nonetheless, I can watch Hawaii Five O with one eye on the Sunday glossy magazines; I can’t watch The Killing with anyone else in the room, in case they want to talk. How can I concentrate on plot and subtitles when there’s a girl burbling about Beiber, or Spurs Fan wanting to talk about the reality of  the outside world?

essential skills

Take a plastic bed, hot wax and twinkly muzak.
Find a person to apply targetted pressure to the shoulders and upper back.
Result= exhaustion, relaxation and mobility.

Every month or so B kneads my shoulders and lifts the weight. I’m sure she doesn’t get too well paid for it. I value her work more than I do that of, say, George Osborne or Fred Goodwin. I value the work of health professionals and carers more than George Osborne does. (UK budget today)

Anyone got any ideas about how I can become a political power and have the world run the way I’d like it? Preferably without going to war again.