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Plam House, Botanic Gardens, Belfast

This is where it’s happening today.

An event in the local park, to mark the G8.

“What are we protesting about now, Mummy?”

This time we’re encouraging. No ranting and raving, just happy times and bonded smiley people saying things like “Excuse me chaps (and Angela), sorry for bothering you, but we have something really quite important to say. We may or may not be anti capitalist, anti war, anonymous sorts, but today we’re here to hold hands, sing and dance and encourage you to think about the really marvellous things you could do about world hunger if you put your minds to it.”

The IF campaign says “There are 1 billion hungry people in the world today, and we are saying that there is Enough Food For Everyone

  • IF we give enough aid to stop children dying from hunger, and help the poorest people feed themselves through investment in small farmers;
  • IF we stop big companies dodging taxes on the profits they make overseas, so that the poorest countries have the resources and infrastructure to free themselves of hunger;
  • IF we stop poor farmers being forced off their land and use the available agricultural land to grow food for people, not to grow biofuels for cars;
  • IF we force governments and big corporations to be honest and open about the actions they take that stop people getting enough food.”
found on pinterest
found on pinterest

A worthy, fun event practically on our dooorstep- of course we’re going.

But it was only on Thursday night that I noticed something. Look at the list of participants. Have you spotted the one who made me squeak with excitement?

I am as giddy as Girl1 is at the thought of seeing One Direction.

People, I’m off to see Seamus Heaney today.


power play

One cat.

Four squawking magpies.

Stand off.

don’t be fooled

Looking good, Belfast! But what did the weather lady say?

“Wrap up warm. Ignore the calendar.”

Oh yes, those of you with seasons, it’s freezing.

We had a mild winter. We were happy. We stopped being happy about two months ago when it hadn’t got any warmer. The May Bank Holiday was colder than Christmas Day. I’m still wearing tights and boots and scarves. I bought a really cool summer dress in a smaller size. It’s too cold to wear it. My toe nails remain unpolished. I haven’t even braved the annual ‘gradual tan’ disaster. There is still frost. I light the fire most evenings.

We are bringing lots of layers to the caravan.

the days after

I left the playing and the partying.

I went for a walk, along empty streets.

All around was quiet.

There seemed to be just me and the magpies in the park.

The branches were bare.

But, just behind me … ?

Your eyes do not deceive you. Daffodils, outside, in Belfast, on 26 December.