We followed the shiny stars on the ground, pushed through the grand doors, and entered a new world. Starstruck, at the Ulster Museum. A brief walk away, but a different world. A world of television and film finery. An exhibition of costumes from historical drama. We three pottered around, awestruck at the creations and the teeniness of the waists required. We wondered about what sort of character may have worn that dress; why George VI had a shirt and tie while Charles II was distinctly more flamboyant. We noted the contrast between the clothes worn by the servants and the aristocracy in Downton Abbey. Most of all, the clothes were fabulous.

worn by Drew Barrymore in Ever After: A Cinderella Story
Girls 1 and 2 were struck by the children's outfits
worn by Helen Mirren in Elizabeth I
Downton Abbey costumes
worn by Heath Ledger in Casanova

We took the pics. I bought the catalogue. I’ll hunt out the films. I’ve finally watched the Downton Abbey DVD box set. Fancy frocks are my new obsession.

If only I could sew.