the solution to all our woes

People! I am a genius! (Why the puzzled looks- surely you knew that?)

We all know family and friends who have cognitive issues/ who are affected by depression or anxiety/ who have neurological conditions. The human brain is one of the great mysteries. Capable of so much; devastating when something goes wrong.

The regular reader may remember that I have learned to deal with some of the physical fatigue I experience, but continue to struggle with the thinking problems. Often, my brain feels like mush, and reading, writing, talking, are simply beyond me.

Yesterday, I found a solution. In the fun shop Tiger of all places.

plastic brain

I bought a new brain. I can’t promise it will do anything other than entertain me, but we can all hope.

Do you want one too?


the dress that twitter bought

A few weeks ago somebody, somewhere on twitter got a new dress. She shared a picture of the pattern, and I was lost.

tumbling teacups1

Perhaps ‘sold’ would be a better word.

‘Tumbling teacups’, it’s called. I fell in love.

A shop I’d never heard of. A whole new set of garments to look at wistfully. A sale. You know the rest.

It arrived yesterday. I tried in on, and kept it on. It doesn’t make me look thin. It doesn’t make me look young.

tumbling teacups2

I feel great in it. It makes me smile. Never underestimate the power of a frock.

Thank you for sharing, person I follow on twitter.

on not following instructions

“When all else fails, read the instructions.” The old man used to view instructions as a last resort, each set a challenge for him to best.

Sometimes I’m good at receiving instruction; often I too will think I have a better way of doing things. Why would you not do it the easy way? Or the obvious way?

Then there are the things I’ve been doing the wrong way for so long that I’ve forgotten there is a right way.

Today I was reminded that there is a right way to wash bras.

A clue for the uninitiated- it’s not in the machine.

The hassle and the expense pain me.

A new undergarment, ripped to shreds on first contact with the washing machine. I can’t even bring it back to the shop.

Bad words.

it’s the people, people

It was grey and cold. There was sleet. Spurs Fan and I were baffled in a DIY shop. How do we know what we want? I want the pretty shower that looks like it might be more powerful. Naturally, it’s the most expensive. Neither of us were at our best- we’d just come from IKEA. I shouldn’t get annoyed by dawdling, chatting people. Or upset toddlers who are only reflecting my own emotions. But crowds of people cause me anxiety and too much choice bothers me. Shopping for practical things is not my strong point. And all the people were in between me and the soft, fluffy inessentials.

So much of life is about the other people. We can be inspired and energised, or drained, by the other people in the space. We can be blocked and frustrated, or caught up in the flow and move further than we’d ever imagined.

I’m planning on adding another page to the blog. A page full of links and connections to some of the inspirational e patients I’ve come across. I have a big long list, and now I just have to put in the effort of actually adding the links. ( Some days I’m good on ideas, some days I can do detail…) There will always be more to do. There will always be somebody else who inspires me.

Bloggy buddies, meet Jules John.


Go on then, JFDI.