When I saw #brainfogmoments a few days ago, I couldn’t resist. So many things to add! Of course I couldn’t remember most of them, but let me give you a flavour of my week as reported on twitter…

  • went to take photographs- found pics already on camera
  • took 11 weeks to count 47 items
  • discovered hair straighteners already on
  • stepped out in front of car yesterday
  • putting face cleanser cream on wet hair rather than ‘hold the curl’ cream

See, I live a life full of little surprises!

(and a fair bit of anxiety)

not readynap getoverit


The hashtag seems to come from @theslowlane_ME

Links for the pictures can be found here.


world enough and time

A few months on, we know more and more about our Jake. He’s generally contented to be asleep at our feet, but has no problem being in the house on his own for a while. He makes his opinions felt, but now rarely digs his heels in and refuses to participate. He loves his food; except when he doesn’t.

He has even begun to play. Now, not much, and not every day, but he has picked up a soft rattley item and worried at it when he’s being stroked. “Keep rubbing his tummy, no, don’t stop yet, watch!” Oh, the excitement! That our wee old man could be beginning to relax enough with us to play, just a little. We’d thought he didn’t know how.

He doesn’t want to be bothered with other dogs. Mostly he’s ok if they come to sniff around him, but he has been known to rear up in protest, putting the fear of god into Spurs Fan. Jake’s always on a lead- just in case a bouncy dog wants to play with him.

Until last weekend. We were the only people on the beach. We did an extra check for the big labrador that seems to live there. Nope, all empty. It was time.

We let Jake off the lead.

His inner greyhound appeared. Faced with wind and sand and sea and emptiness, Jake took off, and we gaped in awe.

Our bundle of smelly fur was a sleek racing machine. All four limbs flat out in the air, he sped along the shore, into the distance. A brief pause. A look behind to see where the slow two legged creatures were, and away again.

It was glorious, and we were glad.

not just the beach

In my mind, all beaches should look like this…

They don’t; and that one is a bit too far away for me to spend as much time there as I’d like. So I make do. A grey, stony, east coast beach still has wind and space and sea. Enough emptiness to clear the head.

At this seaside town I always call in for a potter round the old style department store. Here I could buy (and so can you when you come to visit) kilt pins, doilies, enormous undergarments, fancy bedlinen, antimacassars, mother of the bride outfits. Together we can admire the artfully arranged display of dusters in shades of yellow. We can get advice on coordinating our cushions and carpet with the living room suite. So much in one main street shop.

While our car load were belatedly tearing up the soft play place last week, I discovered the men’s department. Turns out that’s the place to go when you need a new bowler hat.

Seaside towns; so much more than the beach.

the empire swings back?

The park close to here used to host major music events (U2 at the end of the road- the most convenient concert ever); now it’s more likely to have cultural events, with added music. There’s the tasteandmusicfest, the mela and any number of other council sponsored events.

Today (Saturday) was different. Belfast was ‘saddling up for an exciting and glamorous new addition to Northern Ireland’s summer social calendar.’ What summer social calendar? ‘Glamorous’ means ‘expensive’, doesn’t it? I’m curious though- what is going on? Why are they painting lines on the grass?

A helicopter with a HRH. Horse boxes. Champagne and canapés. Visiting teams from Argentina. It’s all well outside my comfort zone.

Polo! In Belfast! Minutes from here …

image from here

Also, £85 a ticket. Ah.

So much for my chances of seeing rich folk at play down the road. It’s not their natural habitat. If only I’d thought to get Spurs Fan to take pics as he walked past.