It is possible that I will spend some time transforming pink chaos into a tidy room- with help from the folk who sleep and play there.

On the other hand, it is possible that I will spend time dealing with a more personal challenge …

The opportunities provided by chaos.

The endless possibilities provided by books.

The choices available even in the most domestic circumstances.

We are lucky people.

Messy, but lucky.

Weekly photo challenge 11: possibility






When I’m not sleeping, playing on the computer, or being a domestic goddess/parenting guru rolled into one, I’m here. At the end of the sofa.

Beside the books, photos and fire. There’s a footstool for the aching limbs and any amount of cushions for the dodgy back. There’s a stool, masquerading as a side table, to hold a remote control, glass of water/wine and whatever sticky mess my nearest and dearest have left for me.

Comfort. Home.

Weekly photochallenge: comfort


There are lots of faces dotted about the place. Some are framed and tidy; many are printed off and stuck up with blutack in a mess  collage. There’s a bundle waiting patiently for their space on a wall. They’re all visions of family; of us as we were, as we may be. Memories and stories. Laughter and love.

Semi formal, very happy grown ups. Brothers and sisters together.

A self portrait.

Pictures of younger selves.

Celebrating achievements; loving the elders …

and, secretly, everyone’s favourite.

For contrasting views of how the theme ‘faces’ should be done, head over to Tinman for entertaining match commentary, and to Patti for poignant words and no pictures.

WordPress weekly photochallenge: faces