the mummy lion

Roaring, protective, fearsome… that’s how I was when Girl2’s classmate and friend up the street decided to hide and to make fun, and to exclude my little one from the communal game.

(A rare moment of common sense and a language barrier just about saved me from marching up the street with a crying bundle under my arm and demanding that the little offenders play with her Here And Now. Making things worse. Before bursting into tears myself… Let’s be thankful for small mercies.)

We have been lucky and mostly avoided this sort of nonsense before, so I wasn’t prepared for the rage. The disbelief. The shock that anyone would be bad to mine. That her charm, fun and kindness won’t protect her from life. That there are things that I can’t protect her from. That one of the things we need to learn about life is how to insulate ourselves from the unexpected blows from those we trust.

Has anyone ever been successful at that?