Wrapped up warm we headed off to a local-ish beach. We walked and talked and simply sat.

We were exploring, finding seaweed, sand, and every dog in north Down. We brought home pebbles, shells, ice cream drips. We discovered rockpools, tiddly fish, ourselves.

Time by the sea is relaxing and restorative, building reserves for the days ahead.

oh, to be there now

I don’t do it enough.


8 thoughts on “beaches

  1. The sea air and the swoop of the seagulls keeps me here – whenever I’ve lived inland I haven’t been happy. As a child, the huge bales of seaweed made fine trampolines. Off you go, pack a sandwiches and head off again. Tomorrow will do for the chores.

    1. A sunny, dry week is being used to stock up on runs to the beach 🙂 I didn’t know about the seaweed trampolines, but will be getting the Children’s Affairs Branch to check them out

  2. Aaahh – I’ve been singing the praises of the sea air in the morning for so long. Mind you, living beside it, one takes it for granted and forgets the splendour on the doorstep.
    You’ve reminded me to take more time to stop and stare.

  3. Beautiful colors in that photo! I grew up in the middle of the U.S. and never saw the ocean up close till I was 22. I’ve been a coastal dweller as an adult and plan to stay that way. I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic if I got too far away from the edges of the land, where I couldn’t occasionally stick a toe in the sea.

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