A Grand Entrance

A dull Saturday morning. An anonymous service station along a motorway in middle England. Middle aged people in comfortable shoes. Not so young children enjoying hot chocolate.

A loud cheer, a cacophony of colour. Penguin suits. Play suits. Floppy hats. Superwoman. Shiny wellies. Very long eyelashes. Big hair. Tans. Bottles of Bud and Bacardi Breezer. Bus loads of them.

Not so young children with eyes on stalks. A trip to the ladies’ for further investigation. A nightclub atmosphere at 11am. More make up. Curlers. Serious glamour.

We realised that Something Was On. A Young Person’s Event.

Spurs Fan glanced through the paper to see what festival we were missing, but  these folk were not headed for Latitiude– they were not off to somewhere family friendly. A guy in the gents had to put down both of his bottles of beer to urinate; these folk had a big day of hard partying ahead. They were well on their way. An event that middle aged people in comfortable shoes had never heard of was their destination.

Well, we had to ask.

Using not so young children as cover, Spurs Fan approached a bus driver. The Event was to be full of light and energy and fun and dancing.

Swedish House Mafia at Milton Keynes Bowl- loud and bright and ready for partying (cover any delicate ears- there’s also brief mention of a rude word).


I hope the party goers had as much fun at the entrance of the band as we had at their arrival. It certainly gave not so young children something to aspire to…

Sidey’s weekend theme: A grand entrance

12 thoughts on “A Grand Entrance

    1. They brightened our journey immeasurably! The journey was long, but incident free. Unsurprisingly, most of the next day was spent in bed, feeling revolting… The party goers wouldn’t have felt worse 😉

    1. Panic not, Debra! Spurs fan reported this after a visit to the gents’, so we can assume he made the urinal. later in the day I wouldn’t be so sure 😀

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