can you keep a secret?

It’s a busy time of year. People are making and baking and wrapping. Shopping and sorting and cleaning. There are social events and celebrations. It’s difficult for us mere mortals to keep up.

Last year I didn’t send a single card. I had loads of cards, stamps, an address book and a pen. I just couldn’t. gather. the. energy. to. put. them. together.

Much to everyone’s great surprise, this year cards are sent, presents have been dispatched to forrin parts (Scotland) and I’m really rather smug.

Time to help the less organised.

We had a request from a busy guy who was rather over extended. He had children to see and gifts to present, but he was struggling.


My nearest and dearest did their best. They smiled and laughed. They feasted on chocolate, candy canes and burgers. They collected dodos/soothers/dummies for the baby reindeer.

It was the most fun helping out they’ve ever had.


But you can’t tell anyone.

2 thoughts on “can you keep a secret?

  1. This almost got me into the Christmas spirit. But I put the Glenfiddich back.

    Fine looking Elves you have there, though Santa needs to pack on some pounds before the 24th.

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