a whirlwind

For  several weeks I’ve been planning, getting ready, socialising, recovering, planning, getting ready…

I cannot remember the last time I was so sociable. Some of my social skills are rusty through lack of use. I’m sure that, to some, I was ‘that rather odd woman’, but I don’t mind. I can keep practising, when I wake up again.

Bloggy buddies, I was out of the house. At night. I met people I hardly know, people I’ve known for over 20 years, fellow volunteers, Irish dancing parents out of context. I sang and danced and giggled and chatted and giggled some more. I got dressed up. Girl2 arranged my hair, and then claimed the flower headdress for herself.

meant to be hippy

There was the launch of a fabulous, must read book, a formal with the same dress from the fabulous frock lady, book club, World Cup football watching, a concert and a 50th birthday, with delicious beer from @BelfastBrewing.

I feel a little like I did after the summer school last year, tired but buzzy. My mind has been reminded of itself. I’m excited by remembering that I’m still me, along with the ME. I may be sore, anxious and permanently fatigued, but there are moments when I’m silly with friends, and that’s wonderful.


To finish the run of unusual activity, Spurs Fan and I went to a garden centre on Sunday afternoon. We avoided the fancy wellies, the wedding paraphernalia and the memorial stones and came home with a wicker trug (isn’t that a great word?) and an ornamental sheep. Spurs Fan wasn’t at all convinced by the sheep, but now it looks at us from behind a wee tree, and I smile every time I see it. Money well spent.

what's not to love

11 thoughts on “a whirlwind

  1. Glad you’ve had such a stimulating and enjoyable few days. It would never occur to me that you were a “rather odd woman”. Just an interesting and quirky woman. Mind you, some people probably think I’m rather odd.

    I rather like the sheep. It has a wonderful expression.

    1. I do like the thought of being ‘quirky’. Much better than the ‘deadly dull’ I suspect 🙂

      It was the sheep’s expression wot dunnit for me.

  2. I love seeing you happy and smiling and to think of you having the opportunity to tune-up your social skills! You look beautiful and ready to take on the world. I’m not at all thinking it possible that anyone would think you odd for even one moment. If today you’re tired, it should surely be a happy tired. ox

  3. Fabulous, Fiona! Great to read that you’re having a great time… seeing ‘the whole of the Moon’! And why not? Go for it! Oh… and odd’s interesting – far better than being merely ‘normal’!

    Love the sheep.

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