pick me up

You know me- tired, woozy, brain fogged.

Add a little malaise- light head, nausea, ‘not quite right’ ness.

Consider that the latter may have been the result of some unintentional overindulgence or other.

Decide that there’s only one cure for whatever’s ailing you.

Walk down the hill, across the bridge. Head through the park and pass all the happy smiling graduates and families. (Silver shoes are a thing this year.)

Retreat to a place of discovery.

Be ruthless in your selection, but not cruel. Pick 3. Only a philistine would restrict herself to 1.

Brian McGilloway

Nathan Englander

Ian Sansom

Skip home, restored and ready to face the world.

10 thoughts on “pick me up

  1. Unintentional overindulgence – plausible though not convincing.

    I might be a philistine or worst.

  2. Much like the silver shoes brought a smile to the graduates, this post brought a smile to my face as I read it this morning on the way to work. πŸ™‚

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